When it comes to packaging a product, the design is critical. After all, unless your package stands out with a unique color, size, or copy, it is going to struggle for recognition sitting on a crowded shelf along-side all those competitive products.

The smart businesses know that a great package design can help in selling the product. At Midwest Graphics, our clients appreciate the value our in-house design team brings to the table in assisting them in creating a great package design.

Recently, a national manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom products visited our plant. They viewed our in-house design team (along with other factors like quick turn around and competitive costs) as a real slot sever thailand asset in their decision to use our packaging services.

We know great packaging design is simply following some basic rules. We list some below:

Knowing your customer is key!
Who is your customer? All packaging design is geared to first understanding who you are marketing to.

Remember, benefits are more important than features
Focus on the benefits, not the features. Customers want to know “what’s in it for me?” when making their buying decision.

Develop a couple prototypes of packaging designs
If you think one design is good, perhaps another idea is better. Set two or more prototypes side-by-side to compare.

Price points are important
If the product is priced inexpensive, don’t needlessly escalate costs with an over-priced packaging.

Take a look at what your competition is doing
Your packaging needs to stand out while displayed along-side competitive products on the shelf

Know your USP?
Identify your product’s unique selling proposition and find a way to communicate that message in your packaging.

Remember, brand consistency is important
If you have multiple products, maintain a consistent brand image in the packaging so all your products create similar visual affect.

Decide how you want the customer to interact with your product
Do you want your customer to be able to touch your product? If so, either displaying one of the products outside of the package or a die cut window may be appropriate.

The design team at Midwest Graphics is ready to help you design packaging that will motivate customers to buy. From conceptualization to proofing, they can work with you every step of the way in development of all packaging materials for your company.

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